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An award-winning animator and cinematographer, Jason Donati’s personal animated films have been showcased internationally at some of the most prestigious Festivals and conferences in the industry, including SIGGRAPH 1999 (Los Angeles, USA), SIGGRAPH 2000 (New Orleans, USA), Ani Mundi 1999 (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil), Seoul Film Festival 1999 (Seoul, Korea) and ASIFA East 1999 & 2000 (NYC, USA). Donati is also a long-time member of the Association of Computer Machinery (ACM/SIGGRAPH) as well as the Association Internationale du Film d’ Animation (ASIFA East).

As an educator and administrator he provides strong academic leadership, innovative curriculum, and program development in creative arts. “The Art & Design education paradigm is rapidly changing, especially in the Northeast. More so now than ever, aspiring designers expect a unique educational experience that blends career-focused training in art and technology, balanced with a broad-based learning in the arts, sciences, and humanities. “

In 2007, Donati published his first book, Exploring Digital Cinematography: An Introduction to the Essential Concepts and Technologies of Digital Cinematography, with Cengage Learning.

Most recently, he has taught courses in 3D Modeling, Special Effects, Textures, Lights & Rendering, Pre-Thesis and Special Topics in Games.

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